Photographer of the body and intimacy, she blossomed with her work BODY AND SOUL.

“I am not made of stone” is the subtitle to all these images, expressing, as the artist explains “what is so often  inside us, at the bottom, like a silent message that is never delivered”. Here is the key of her work as a photographer. Always on the alert and driven by the need to ward off walls, she presents, beyond appearances, a way of being to the world. As an author and a performer she had several lives before finding her modelling clay: photography. Without giving up writing, which is vital, she grabs her camera for good. Through images, it becomes all the more easier to explore the soul and the body, to tell and understand the world. Within one image, everything gathers and takes shape. Thus she breathes. Understanding that this is the way to go if she wishes to be fulfilled.Each series is a story, a lighted thread leading us into a another world.

My world with their words...

Writing, directing and photographing...For ten years, Karine Zibaut has been working her way through the forest of creation. With filming, she has found a camera lucida enabling her to ward off the oppressing walls of emotions. Through these bubbles of light, characters come and go, embodying days full of life, incandescent fears or nights haunted by the gaps of the past.

Karine Zibaut is a woman who creates and gives birth to texts and images in a world where women are still meant to work, entertain and mother. But still too rarely to think a world where the different parts of femininity are reconciled.The power of her work sprang with the bliss of “Body and Soul” from which a first book came out. From texts to films, to happenings, a nebula is born. A universe is coming to life. A work of art, already.
Bénédicte Philippe


Her latest book, Body and Soul, is a hymn to life. This hymn is played by the body from which she captures elements to give it another life, another interpretation. Karine Zibaut transforms the reading of each picture and opens a new field of emotions. This book, foreworded by the writer Lalie Walker is a vision of the body catching our eyes and leading them in another direction.
Sophie Pageot, “La vie est belle”

Between reality and fiction, Karine Zibaut bridges the gap between her universe and ours. Imagination as well as our senses aren't fooled, at the same time troubled and won by what is seen, felt, perceived. Heard. Karine Zibaut introduces a very personal form of unity. One that rings a bell in each and every one of us and shows that body, soul, flesh and matter do form an ensemble. A universe...
Lalie Walker
Writer. Latest book: Les survivantes.

Publisher: Actes Sud

What is inborn is only oracular when voiced. There is a chronology of letting oneself go, body and soul. First the body, then the soul...She abandons her whole body, her whole soul, offering them in the picture. What matters is what she says, others will do whatever they want with the image, whatever they can, it is given anyway. An offered image. A gift.
Valérie Zibi, about Body and Soul

A photographer of the soul and the unspoken...Working with the matter, with cracks, sand and light, the artist offers us strange images, often dark  and intense, reaching and searching our deepest emotions. A personal and unique universe which could already be found in one of her first main exhibition, “Body and Soul”. She hasn't stopped since then! “Donne-moi tes mains”, “Le Cri”, Karine Zibaut is a magician who gently pushes her models as well as her audience to get out of their comfort zone to go explore their soul and free it.
Laurent Fialaix
Author of Nos bonheurs fragiles, Publisher: Léo Scheer








Ecriture, mise en scène, photographie… Depuis dix ans, Karine Zibaut, dans la forêt des expressions, trace son chemin de création.

J’ai rencontré Karine Zibaut en 2009, à l’occasion de l’exposition de sa série «  Body and Soul » à Paris : ce travail sur l’intimité, l’intériorité, la métamorphose a été un choc pour moi. Peu de photographes aujourd’hui, sur une scène dominée par la photographie conceptuelle, cultivent avec autant de maîtrise une vision aussi littéraire de la photographie. Depuis, je suis de près le travail de Karine. J’ai découvert l’auteur, la comédienne, la vidéaste.  Avec la vidéo, elle a trouvé une « chambre claire » qui lui permet de repousser les murs trop pressants des émotions. A travers ces bulles de lumière, des personnages passent, incarnent des jours pleins de vie, des peurs incandescentes, des nuits peuplées des béances du passé.

Karine Zibaut est une artiste qui nourrit son travail photographique par tous les ponts. Karine expérimente, invente, ose, tout en creusant les sillons de sa création : la femme, le rêve, la nature… dans une approche vivante, joyeuse, grave et profonde. Son évolution depuis six ans s’affirme, s’enracine et chemine vers une belle reconnaissance.

La force de son travail a jailli dans la plénitude de «Body and soul» dont un premier ouvrage est né. De textes, en films, en happening, une nébuleuse est née. Un univers se créée. Déjà une œuvre.


Bénédicte Philippe

Journaliste, critique d’art



© Karine Zibaut

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