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Au-delà de tous les mots, l’image s’est imposée, vitale. Corps et âme. BODY AND SOUL donne à voir à travers le corps, la vie qui passe, imprègne le cœur et l’âme. « Je ne suis pas de marbre » est le sous-titre de toutes ces images. Le sous-titre de ce qui est si souvent en nous, au fond, comme un message silencieux jamais délivré. Tout s’inscrit dans le corps. L’écho de l’autre, de la vie.Mon corps fondu dans la matière devient vibrant messager, une porte ouverte vers l’autre. Le corps protecteur, carapace, amor- tisseur, complice, camouflage, s’ouvre enfin et donne à voir l’in- térieur, l’âme qui l’habite.La matière comme une main tendue prend la place du mot et donne à sentir, le corps vibrant. Simplement vivant. A chacun de choisir son image. Celle où il vibre. Celle où il est. Celle qu’il voudrait offrir pour dire à sa place. Celle où il se pro- jette. Fantasme ou réalité.La seule règle qui me guide ici est celle de la sincérité. « Je » respire. Corps et âme enfin réunis.


‘Le corps est chez Karine Zibaut un temple d’émotions indicibles’

Télérama Sortir  - Galerie Immix










Beyond words, the image proved to be vital. BODY AND SOUL shows life passing and soaking the heart and soul.

“I am not made of stone” is the subtitle to all these images. Of what is so often inside us, at the bottom, like a silent message that is never delivered. Everything gets engrained in the body. An echo of the other, of life. My body, interwoven with the matter, becomes a vibrant messenger, a door open onto the other. The shell-body, accomplice and concealing, eventually opens to unveil the soul within. The matter, like a reaching hand, replaces words and presents us with the throbbing body. Simply alive. To each to choose their image. The one where they throb. The one where they are. The one they would like to offer instead of their own words. The only rule guiding me here is the one of sincerity. “I” breathe. Body and soul are finally reunited.

“[...] what Karine draws from this encounter between the organic matter of the world and herself, that is to say her flesh and emotions, moves me each time a little more. That is why I'm not surprised this desire to write emerged, loud and clear. Like a finality or a beginning, fluid and dense, always in motion because I can never clearly determine what begins and what ends but it doesn't matter. Her latest snapshots highlight a work in progress in which I have been invested for more than twenty years. I still don't know what she thinks or feels when the word “metamorphosis” is pronounced but it is definitely beyond any shape that my words will get around, ravel and unravel.”...Lalie WALKER

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